Support for Faculty in the American Honors Network

Teaching and Learning Center

The American Honors’ Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) supports faculty in creating highly engaging honors courses that prepare students to succeed at their transfer schools. The TLC also provides professional development support for faculty throughout the year.
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Step 1
Determine the course.

Deans determine the courses to be developed or revamped and the instructors who will teach those courses. Deans also handle all related stipends.

Step 2
Partner with an instructional designer.

After the dean approves the course, the TLC collaborates with the instructor according to the instructor’s preference.


Step 3
“Honorize” the course.

The TLC helps bring the instructor’s vision to life, borrowing from peer expertise and best practices to maximize classroom effectiveness.

Not only is American Honors good for students, but it is great for faculty. I have created and re-created courses, experimented with the flipped classroom and considered alternative assessment techniques. The challenges exist but when I need help, I ask and solutions are worked out.Carmon Weaver Hicks
Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Ivy Tech Community College

Faculty Services and Resources

American Honors is committed to providing professional development that enhances the impactful work Honors faculty do with students. TLC resources are available to any instructor in the American Honors network.

One-to-One Course Development Assistance

Faculty members developing an American Honors course for the first time are assigned a TLC instructional designer. For the entire term, they work as a team to implement the instructor’s vision for the course.

TLC Office Hours

The TLC hosts weekly office hours through video conference for American Honors instructors to meet with instructional designers. Office hours are designed for quick pedagogical brainstorming and guidance, and faculty joining the group video conference are served on a first-come, first-served basis. 
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Each term, TLC instructional designers present live webinars on a variety of topics of interest to faculty. Presentations range from training on technological tools to tips on practical pedagogy.
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Google Groups

Faculty can discuss questions, concerns, interesting articles, or other pedagogically relevant information with their peers across the AH network using our established Google Groups. Faculty can opt-in to any of the three topic-based Google Groups: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Email to request access.

Annual Faculty Conference

Each summer, the TLC hosts a faculty conference that brings together instructors from across the American Honors Network to share best practices, network with colleagues, and foster skills and expertise to increase effectiveness in the classroom.
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Syllabi Repository

American Honors instructors may securely review syllabi developed and shared by faculty across the network through the syllabi repository in the AH Canvas learning management system. Accounts in Quad and the AH Canvas are automatically created for all instructors when they begin teaching with American Honors.
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Help Desk Website

Pedagogical and technical guides and resources are available to faculty through the American Honors Help Desk. Faculty can find valuable information on pedagogical topics such as group projects, discussion boards, and accessibility & universal design, as well as on technical topics such as Open Educational Resources (OER), web 2.0 tools, and embedding video and media in a course.
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Pedagogical Questions Email

Faculty can receive quick pedagogical support at any time from an instructional designer through email. This is a fast way for faculty to get input regarding an assignment, brainstorm the structure of a group activity, or get feedback on any other course-related question.

I loved the summer Faculty Conference. It was wonderful to visit and exchange ideas with instructors from across the country! I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Honors students. We had a blast this last fall semester and we found a place for learning to ignite new thought for all of us.Shelley Buckley
Ed.D., Professor of Speech at Navarro College

Contact Us

General Questions

For questions about honors course development or professional development for faculty, please contact the director of the TLC.

Pedagogical Support

For quick pedagogical support, email


Technical Support

For non-pedagogical questions about technology, Quad, or AH Canvas, email