Same bachelor's degree, lower cost.

Spend less overall on a bachelor’s degree by starting in American Honors at a 2-year college, then transfer with affordable credits that count.

Get Through in Two

Starting at a 2-year college is the most affordable when you graduate on time. Each extra year in college means an extra year of tuition.

American honors students are 4.5 times more likely than other students to graduate from community college in 2 years.

American Honors at Navarro College really helped me by holding my hand just enough. It guided me to the correct path, but it left room for me to explore on my own, too. Nohemi, Class of 2015

American Honors at Navarro College Transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas

Earn Credits That Count

Honors credits are designed to transfer, so you can be confident you won’t waste extra time – and money – retaking classes at your transfer school.

American Honors instructional designers spend over 1,000 hours each year helping faculty create honors-level courses.

After American Honors, I transferred to Georgetown University. Once I arrived, I felt prepared to engage in class and present projects in a very academically competitive school. Russell, Class of 2013

American Honors at CCS Graduate of Georgetown University

Lower Your Overall Cost

Reduce the total amount you spend on your bachelor's degree by earning credits at an affordable college. That’s college math that really adds up.

American Honors students can save over 30% on the overall cost of earning their bachelor’s degree.*

I knew that I could get into a 4-year school right out of high school, but I wasn’t prepared financially. Starting in American Honors was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Alex M. Class of 2015

American Honors at Navarro College Transferred to Texas Woman’s University


Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

Tuition and fees for the American Honors program are less than tuition at most 4-year schools, but more than taking classes without American Honors.

American Honors program scholarships can help pay for the cost of the program.

Apply For Program Scholarships

Admissions Details by Location

Please view the Admissions page for each community college for location-specific requirements, tuition & fees, American Honors program pathways and more:

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