You’ll have the freedom to tailor your schedule

In the American Honors program, you will have the flexibility to structure your time to accommodate your specific needs – and it’s up to you whether you want to pursue your degree full time or part time. As a student, you’ll work on team projects in the Honors Lounge, a meeting place set aside for American Honors students. You’ll join live video sessions, share research and collaborate online – from wherever you need to be. You’ll make friends on campus and online. And you’ll have time to take care of family and take care of business. Here's what a day in the life can look like in the American Honors program... 


  • Log into Quad. 
  • Read your friends’ posts on your Quad activity stream. 
  • Check your calendar for due dates and class times. 
  • Chat with your instructor about yesterday’s assignment. 
  • Head to campus to work on your team project in the Honors Lounge. 
  • Take a break at a coffee shop with friends. Log into Quad. 
  • Join your advisor via video chat to discuss possible classes for next semester.


  • Head back home. Log into Quad.
  • Review thoughts about assigned readings. Watch a video to prepare for class discussion. 
  • Join your hybrid class. Help your professor lead the discussion. 
  • Briefly discuss your performance with your professor after class. 
  • Open a new topic under Discussions. 
  • Go to your part-time job. Resist the urge to read responses to your post in Discussions.


  • Stop by the Honors Lounge, where someone’s ordered pizza for everyone. 
  • Head to class on campus. 
  • Compare notes afterward with a friend back in the Honors Lounge. 
  • Join the poetry reading your Literature class is hosting. 
  • Go home. 
  • Have a late snack with the family. 
  • Log into Quad. Review other students’ class notes and share some thoughts. 
  • Visit your team project to see if anyone’s online. Discuss tomorrow’s plan. 
  • Post photos of the poetry reading in your activity stream. 
  • RSVP the honors council for movie night. 
  • Message your advisor to set up a time to talk tomorrow.

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