Start at a 2-Year College, Transfer to a Leading University

Begin in the American Success or American Honors program and transfer to a leading university to complete a bachelor’s degree

Transfer Milestones

Our advisors share their tips to help students get to their dream school.

Work with your advisor to select classes, a major, and a degree pathway that are right for you and likely to transfer.

The community helps you perform well inside and outside the classroom – making you a competitive candidate for leading 4-year transfer schools.

Work with your advisor, alumni, and the transfer tool to create the strongest application to the best schools.

Once you start receiving admissions decisions, your advisor will help you evaluate transfer-credit decisions, degree audit reports, and financial aid packages.

Transfer, Simplified

The program collaborates with leading 2-year colleges to provide the American Success and American Honors programs that prepare students to transfer and succeed at a four-year institution. Learn how the programs make transferring a smart, affordable college plan.

One-on-One Transfer Advising.

Students are guided through a 5-step transfer process. Advisors help with class selection, school research, fee waivers, negotiating financial aid packages, scholarship searches, and more.

Transfer Handbook.

A clear plan for what needs to be done each semester to make sure students are the most competitive transfer candidates. Guidance on obtaining letters of recommendations and writing personal statements to ways to stand out among other applicants.

Transfer Seminar.

Hone skills needed to put together a competitive transfer application. Practice essay writing skills and get feedback on every aspect of your application.

of international applicants were accepted to a US university

international student accepted to top 200 US universities

international student accepted to top 100 US universities

international student accepted to top 50 US universities

American Honors international transfer results (Spring 2017) & EOY Survey (2016)

International Student Transfer Stories

Honors to Rutgers University

At first, Win was nervous about being an international student. But in American Honors, she found a strong network of support. Win is now studying Physics and Math at Rutgers University with plans to pursue a PhD afterwards.

“American Honors is a very prestigious program and we are very honored to partner with them to serve future transfer students”

Kutztown University

American Honors Transfer Network

Over 60 top colleges and universities participate in the American Honors Transfer Network and are interested in attracting program graduates.

Member Institutions

4-year colleges and universities that work with American Honors to facilitate the transfer process.  This can include conditional acceptance agreements, transfer articulation, Honors-specific scholarships, and/or application fee waivers.

Affiliate Institutions

4-year colleges and universities who are interested in attracting American Honors students and who provide limited benefits such as application fee waivers and participation in transfer activities.

American Honors Transfer Network

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