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American Honors is the only global academic honors program at 2-year colleges with a national transfer network. Top 4-year colleges and universities make special agreements that ease the transfer process for qualified American Honors students.

“At a time when access to higher education has never been more important to individuals and to the economy, we are very pleased to be partnering with American Honors to support students in getting high-quality four-year degrees.”

Greg Orwig, Whitworth University

Transfer Agreements & Benefits

Member Institutions

4-year colleges and universities that work closely with American Honors to facilitate the transfer process.  This can include conditional acceptance agreements, transfer articulation, Honors-specific scholarships, and/or application fee waivers.

Affiliate Institutions

4-year colleges and universities who are interested in attracting American Honors students, and who provide limited benefits such as application fee waivers and participation in transfer activities.

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