A program that provides international students with extra English and academic support to ensure successful transfer to a US university.

Academic Success

Even before arriving on campus, international students receive pre-arrival support and academic programming to help them prepare for and develop the skills needed to succeed in a US classroom.

Personalized Attention & Tools

Pre-arrival PrepKIT, workshops, and individual support help ensure a smooth transition to and success in a US classroom. Receive one-on-one assistance with course selection and developing a 2-year course plan. High engagement and expectations foster academic and leadership growth.


Skills Development for Lifelong Success

Discussion-based workshops and activities to develop English fluency, critical thinking skills and persuasive communication skills. Learn to work effectively in teams, with a focus on global collaboration skills. Also learn about time management, communication norms with professors, classroom/academic integrity.

As an international student, I was very surprised by how different the professors are from the professors in Indonesia. Here, they engage you to participate more. They’re very active and helpful. Joan G.

Transfer Support

Starting from day one, students start thinking about the transfer process. Advisors help students develop a plan to research, select, and apply to their transfer school. Students have access to the 2-year college's transfer network and agreements.

Simplified Transfer Process

The transfer process is broken down into a manageable step-by-step process.

  • Class and major selection designed for interest and ability to transfer
  • Advisors help students research, select, visit, and apply to 4-year schools
  • Advisors work with students to fully evaluate their transfer schools acceptance offers

One-on-One Transfer Advising

Advisors guide students every step of the way through the transfer process

  • Transfer Handbook: a guide to the key aspects of the transfer process to focus on each term
  • Transfer Workshops: where students learn all the ins and outs of transfer and researching schools
  • Advising support for every aspect of the transfer application

My advisor inspires me. When I arrived, we worked together to figure out my class schedule. Minh T.

Robust Support

An on-campus support network that helps prepare students for all the demands of college life, including their social life in the US, and ensures students have a college success playbook.


Dedicated, Personal Advisors

A dedicated advisor helps students with study skills, goal-setting, and transfer.

  • Regular one-on-one meetings with an advisor
  • Assistance acclimating to the US classroom (i.e. ethics, overall academics, student-teacher relationship)
  • Help students set SMART goals and stay on track to achieve them
  • Guide students through the transfer process from start to finish

College Success Team

A team of peers, faculty, and alumni available to encourage, support, and help the student succeed.

  • Incoming classes are grouped into “peer-cohorts” and “peer-learning groups” to help students navigate the program together
  • Engaged alumni network across the US that students can reach out to for advice
  • Dedicated faculty to advise students in each program to help students choose academic classes and stay on their pathway

Quad: Student Portal

An online tool to help students stay on track.

  • US PrepKit: online modules to help students prepare for studying in the US
  • Transfer Course: learn about the transfer process, get help selecting schools, and stay organized
  • Connect with Advisors: read advisor bios and contact info and schedule advising appointments

I came here to study so that my future would be better and brighter. Studying in the US is really fun and the teachers are the best. Khan N.


Connect and build relationships with like-minded peers that encourage and support each other both during and after the program.


Before classes start, attend an in-person orientation just for American Success students to create sense of community right from the start of the program.

  • Get to know other international students from around the world
  • Learn about campus and become familiar with available resources
  • Understand US values and ethics (inside and outside the classroom)

Rituals, Milestone & Student-Led Events

Highlight and celebrate student achievement and successes. Create a sense of belonging.

  • Program-led events such as: kick-off dinner, induction ceremony, graduation ceremony
  • Regular monthly events that help student socialize and build friendships
  • Student-led events such as game night, movie night, study groups, and volunteering events

Dedicated Space On-Campus

Lounge time dedicated to American Success students.

  • Lounge: designated space on campus for studying and socializing
  • Major community events recognize, honor, and celebrate student achievement
  • Student-led activities: game night, movie night, study groups, and volunteering

I had one reason why I wanted to go to college in the US because the education here is much better. My big dream is to be a successful businessman. Jodhi S.

Leadership & Professional Development

Activities help international students deepen their understanding of US course material, practice leadership and communication skills, and explore different careers and interests.


In-person workshops designed to help students develop the skills necessary to be successful classroom participants, engaged peers, and global citizens.

  • Academic studies/time management
  • Decreasing culture shock
  • Relationship building/social skills
  • Finding an on-campus job
  • Volunteering skills

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curriculars link classroom material with real-world activities to help students deepen understanding, practice leadership, and develop communication skills.

  • Student-run council: help organize volunteer opportunities and run service-learning projects
  • Learning-In-Action projects: experience outside the classroom to help boost leadership and career exploration
  • Alumni/Student Mentorship programs: connect with second-year students or alumni to get tips about transfer and exploring careers
  • Student ambassador program: selected students can be asked to represent the program and participate in information sessions and running orientation

Professional Development

Activities and workshops give students a jumpstart on finding, learning about, and trying out a career they are passionate about.

  • Resume writing & interviewing skills
  • Career conversations, panels to explore different careers and network
  • Importance of internships; how to find and apply for internships