If you've ever applied to college (or you're applying right now), you'll instantly recognize these 10 moments everyone goes through. What, you thought you were the only one?

Stage 1: Calm

At the beginning of the college application process, everything is calm. Deadlines are months away, and you’re thinking everyone has way overhyped this whole college application process. It’s not even that exciting.

Stage 2: Cool

Your school has started to do college fairs. Your parents are starting to talk a lot about colleges. You found cool rankings, like best college food. This decision process is looking easy.

Stage 3: Confident

At these college fairs, everyone wants to talk to you. YOU can choose all of these schools. It's your choice, and you are confident that you are CRUSHING this.

Stage 4: Hot Mess

College costs so much money. You just realized how much you will have to pay if you go to those great schools. Applications are due soon and there is no time to figure all of this out.

Stage 5: Help, so much help

At this point, you now need Letters of Recommendation, guidance counselor recommendations and personal statement editing help. It takes a village to get you into college.

Stage 6: Application deadline day

IT'S TIME. All applications must be submitted, fees paid, tests are taken and it's time to hit submit. Double check everything; then take a nap.

Stage 7: It's all about the Benjamins

It's FAFSA time. Dig out those income reports and figure out how much money you can get through federal and state aid. Sleep is for the weak. Google scholarships in your community and nationally. Utilize connections at your high school to help you pay for all of those schools you just applied to.

Stage 8: Waiting for letters

You've submitted your applications. Now, the waiting game continues. Really, what could be taking them so long?

Stage 9: Mailbox Full

The wait is over! You have your acceptance letters -- soon, the financial aid packages will be rolling in. Bask in the glory.

Stage 10: Decision time

Carefully consider all factors, ask your family, plan your finances. Then, send in that decision letter! Now, go buy yourself a sweatshirt and rock your college.

The application process starts before even applying, but make sure not to miss that vital application deadline!

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Authored by Kate Hunger

Kate helps students find their best fit school. She writes about the essential, surprising, and sometimes funny questions everyone has while applying to college.