Here at American Honors, we are BIG fans of Halloween. Ok, we’re pretty goofy all year long, but it all comes together in the yearly Halloween party in the honors lounge. Check out these awesome #TBT costume ideas that only millennials will understand.

1. Bratz dolls.

Dose eyes tho! ...C’mon, you know you have some of these items in your middle school wardrobe.

Materials needed:

  • High socks/boots
  • Outrageous accessories
  • Dangerously top-heavy head/body proportion.
  • Eye shadow. So. Much. Eye shadow. 

2. Your favorite Link version from Zelda

Take your pick from his epic evolution--pixelated/two-tone or Jimmy Neutron hair swoop?! Bonus spooky points if you’re Dark Link.

Materials needed:

  • Tunic
  • Empty bottle
  • “This.” (It’s dangerous to go alone.) 

3. PowerPuff girl villain:

Looking to re-use a gorilla suit from a few years back? Remember that creepy power-hungry ape from PowerPuff girls? Of course you do!


Materials needed:

  • Green facepaint
  • Purple sheet cape
  • Unquenching thirst for power 

4. Kim Possible

Ok, catwoman is overdone. So is Lara Croft.  But combine those outfits, sprinkle in some Disney and a red wig and BOOM--Kim Possible. Oh, and grab a few gadgets on your way out the door (remember that ridiculous blue gameboy thing??) Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me!


Materials needed:

  • Gadgets
  • More gadgets
  • Comfortable yet functional cargo pants to hold your gadgets

5. A 4th Jonas brother (...the one no one talks about)

Ever wonder if there’s a 4th brother? Wonder why they keep him hidden? The basics are easy here, and the backstory possibilities are endless.

Materials needed:

  • A graphic tee
  • Some hair gel
  • Your old Rock Band guitar
  • A super catchy melody

6. Reality TV star

Either take your pick or go generic. There are literally thousands of people you could pretend to be (just don’t let it go to your head.)

Materials needed:

  • Oversized sunglasses
  • Small puppy (in your purse, ideally)
  • A friend with a camera to follow you around
  • Exaggerated emotions

7. That lesser-known Teletubbies character...

Sure, Teletubbies were a bit unsettling, but what about that giggling baby sun head?! It’s adorable AND super creepy all at once.  

Materials needed:

  • Headband with some sunrays
  • Yellow facepaint
  • Joyful baby noises instead of language
  • An excuse for why you’re out at night

8. Napoleon Dynamite

We’re pretty sure this was so overdone that it’s cool again. Especially now that #normcore is a thing.

Materials needed:

  • 90s jeans
  • 80s oversized glasses
  • Cotton t-shirt with an animal print (or make your own “Vote for Pedro” shirt!) 

9. Pirate

Make no mistake: we’re talking about the kind of caribbean pirate who wears eyeliner. Not just a swashbuckler, we mean a swishbuckler.

Materials needed:

  • Pirate hat and coat
  • Big braided beard
  • More eyeliner than your friend in the Bratz doll costume

10. Pokemon

Depending on your collectible monster of choice, your costume could vary pretty dramatically. Just use common sense here: using a taser and yelling “PIKA!” would probably be taking it a little too far.  

Materials needed:

  • The ability to say only your own name all night
  • A solid turn based strategy
  • A friend dressed as a trainer

11. Xbox and PS2

This is definitely a friends/couples costume.  Do it right and you’ll conjure flashbacks from the greatest rivalry mankind has ever known: the Great Aught Nought Console Wars.

Materials needed:

  • An xbox costume for you (probably a painted box)
  • A PS2 costume for your friend (also a painted box)
  • Bonus points: have a friend dress as a GameCube and stay at least 10 feet behind you all night

12. Sonic Pop (from ice cream trucks)

Remember those delicious frozen treats in the shape of your favorite SEGA character? Get all excited to eat Sonic’s face, open up the wrapper, and behold the melty nightmare version of your favorite talking hedgehog.

Materials needed:

  • Spiky hair gel
  • Blue and brown face paint, just kind of smeared all around
  • Terrifyingly misplaced eyes
  • The ability to be unphased by a child’s disappointment

13. Blockbuster Video

You’re the ghost of an unsustainable business model run into the ground by a much more agile alternative that uses modern technology like the US Postal Service and a website.  SpOOOOooOOOOOooky!

Materials needed:

  • A lot of blue and yellow clothing
  • “Be Kind, Please Rewind” stickers
  • A closed sign

14. Comic-Con enthusiast

This one is your freebie: there is literally nothing you could dress up as that wouldn’t fit this category. From a dude wearing an all-access pass on a lanyard to a decked out Klingon you can let your imagination run wild!

Materials needed:

  • Who are we kidding, you already know.  Just go to your closet and get your costume from last year’s convention.

What's your best throwback Halloween costume idea? Let us know in the comments below!

Media credits: Bagcifreak on Flickr,,,, New Wave Creative via, Wikimedia Commons, Deviant Art


Authored by Amy Steinhoff

Amy believes in the power of communities to get things done -- including expanding the promise of higher education. She writes about the crazy ways college has changed and what high school juniors need to be prepared for.