1) The First Day the Pool Opens

And no one can get between you and the water...


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2) But You Forgot to Put on Sunscreen

The last time your skin saw that much sun was... last summer. Awkward. 


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3) Sleeping in

...Like a lot. Every day.

Sleeping In Cinderella

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4) Eating Summer Delicacies

AKA ice cream...

Ron Ice Cream

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... And S'mores ...


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... And more ice cream ...

Dog eating ice cream

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5) Bonding with Your Fam

It can be done!

Family Bonding

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6) When You Finally Have Enough Time to Catch up on Netflix

School was really just in the way of your TV & movie marathons.

Watching TV

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7) Waiting for Your Friends to Text You Back

GUUYZ let's do something fun today BECAUSE IT'S SUMMER!

Emma Stone Bored

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8) Going to BBQ's

Lawn games & food galore.


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9) Celebrating the USA's Birthday

Pools. Sparklers. Popsicles. Fireworks. Apple Pie. 

Stephen Colbert USA

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10) Rushing through Chores

Because summer doesn't last forever.


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11) When Your Friends Ask if You Want to Go to the Fair

So many foods to eat and rides to ride!

Dwarfs Yes

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12) Reading Your Summer Reading as Fast as You Can

*Slight panic mode*

Reading Baby

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13) Enjoying Those Last Sweet, Sweet Moments of Freedom

With your friends, of course!

Dogs Tanning

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14) That Moment When You Realize School Is Next Week


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15) But Secretly You're Like...

Because you're finally a senior!

Nicki Minaj

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But even though college might seem far away, don't forget that what you do during summer vacation can actually help you get into college


Authored by Emily Horne

Emily is passionate about higher education. She writes about the excitement of college life and how parents can help their teenagers get into great schools.