Where would you go if you only went in reverse?

Let me clarify that question for you. Think about your morning commute for a second. Is it a 15 minute drive? An hour maybe? Or perhaps you don’t drive, and take some sort of public transportation.

Now, take how long your commute is, but instead of heading to your classes or work, head in the exact opposite direction. Where would you end up?

“I love where I live, because I can explore great places.”

Living in New Jersey, I can make it to Philadelphia, New York, and even the beach in less than an hour. I love where I live, because I can explore great places. In fact, if I took my 25 minute drive that it usually takes me to get to campus but drove another direction, I could make it to Princeton University, New Hope, and Washington Crossing State Park (You know, only where George Washington crossed the Delaware River).

“There is life happening around you.”

Even if you’ve taken the good advice to get involved on campus, it’s easy to become trapped in the monotonous routine of going straight to work/school, so you forget there is life happening around you.

It’s easy to become trapped in the monotonous routine.

And most of these places exist as close or even closer to where you habitually go. By now, I can’t even tell you all of the parks in immediate proximity to my house, because there is so much to explore.

“Gems like these exist wherever you live.”

You might be surprised with what you find.

While obviously not every person will be lucky enough to be able to visit one of the most prestigious university’s art galleries whenever they choose, gems like these exist wherever you live; you just need to search for it. Exploring these places with others is a great way to take friendships out of the classroom to grow. Whether it be local art, music, or parks, there are always locations ready to fill you with inspiration.

Remember, in the time and distance it takes for you to get to class, you have already passed incredible locations around you. Although it may feel like you know your area well, it’s important to really delve into your surroundings, you might be surprised with what you find.

So, where’s your next destination?

Authored by Axel Ortiz

Axel studied as an American Honors student at Mercer County Community College before transferring to complete his bachelor's degree. He writes about how to succeed at college, and find adventure while doing it.