Alma Mater

B.A.: University of California, Berkeley
M.A.: University of Chicago

Favorite Thing About AH

American Honors is the program that I wish I had when I was in community college. Because community colleges provide open access to education, they remain a promise of the American dream. I love American Honors not only because its a program that would have helped someone like me, but more importantly because American Honors empowers students who are not like me. American Honors works to preserve the promise that great students--with any background--can transform their passion into action through education.

A Bit About Caleb

Originally from California, Caleb started out as a community college student attending Berkeley City College. After transferring to UC Berkeley, he founded and directed the Transfer Service Community, an AmeriCorps program designed to address the issue of access to education. While working with transfer students to develop service-learning projects, he decided to pursue a graduate program in Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He has advocated for greater access and equity in education as the manager of an Elementary after-school program and through his work expanding educational partnerships between community college systems and four-year universities in the Bay Area. He has also taught classes in English and American Sign Language and is an avid lover of film.