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Second year student at Ivy Tech Community College (IN)

A Bit About Dorothy

Dorothy Salvo Davis was born in the mid-eighties and spent her earliest years in Boston residing in a Sicilian American neighborhood before she moved to South Florida when still a child. Raised in an Italian/Brazilian family, Davis is very open minded and her heritage along with Ft. Lauderdale’s many cultures is reflected in her writing. As an author of several titles for the Haunted America Series by the History Press including titles such as "Haunted Lafayette,  and "Ghosts of Broward County" she has  true love for history.  Davis claims she feels that it is important to remember those who created the world we live in as it is today. When researching the history of a paranormal site, she does so with respect for the locations past.

Currently she has returned to school with the intent to achieve a Law Degree and work in the area Humanitarian efforts. Davis has written numerous articles for media resources and continues to write as she works toward her goals.  She resides in Indiana and enjoys researching the history and events of those who lived long ago. Her favorite Author is Edgar Allen Poe and she finds a kindred spirit in his poetry.