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Alumni from Community Colleges of Spokane (WA)

Transfer School

American University

Favorite Thing About AH

The advising is amazing. The college application process is such a minefield, my advisor helped me maximize my potential in a way i couldn’t have done if I tried to do it by myself.

A Bit About Jessica

I transitioned from Spokane, where I lived most of my life, to Wahington DC (and I love it!). My favorite topics to study are history and sociology. I am passionate about problems which I perceive as being unique to my time (i.e. globalization, identity in multicultural societies, environmental sustainability). In my spare time I like to read books, especially ones written in a different period that reflect that culture. I like watching foreign films, exploring, writing and connecting with people. My "big dream" is to spend my career trying to improve US relations with Latin America to be more equitable. Lo primero es lo primero , la educación !