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How American Honors Works

American Honors aims to make the honors experience–small classes taught by the college’s faculty with peer support and dedicated honors advisors–a key offering at our community college campuses. Students pay, on average, an additional 40% in tuition and fees to receive American Honors services. Here's how American Honors works on campuses right now:

Connecting Students with Community Colleges

Community colleges are often eager to enroll more academic-track students. At the same time, many of the best and brightest students are looking for an affordable – but also academically challenging-- pathway to a 4-year college degree. Robust regional recruiting by the American Honors marketing team expands the community college’s existing funnel.

Creating a Support Network for Students

With a 1:120 ratio of advisors to students, American Honors advisors are dedicated to doing what it takes to help students to succeed with on-site, added counseling and guidance to Honors students enrolled at 2-year colleges. Advisors are also instrumental as students navigate the process of finding their best-fit school and transferring to a 4-year college.


Supporting Educators

American Honors Teaching and Learning Center team of instructional designers works with college administrators and faculty to build and enhance the college’s honors course offerings at their institution.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

American Honors follows Honors best practices to foster a close-knit peer cohort that results in lasting friendships and a strong support network. Students receive leadership training, participate in service projects and enjoy honors field trips. Many hold leadership positions and contribute to the greater student body.

Enhancing On-Campus Honors Programs

With American Honors on campus, community colleges add enhanced student support and community enrichment to their existing Honors programs or work with American Honors to develop a new program managed and taught by the college’s faculty. Honors programs provide a community of high achieving, like minded learners that provides unwavering support, which leads to higher retention and persistence rates that reflect favorably on the college. During the 2014-15 school year, 85% of surveyed students rated American Honors advising as "best or better advising ever received."

American Honors has the knowledge and staff power to create a field support network so students don’t feel like they are getting lost. It is a very personal experience and this personalized touch is really a game changer for some of our students. Their culture of high expectations helps any student at any level go beyond what they thought they were capable of. Gianna Durso-Finley, PhD
Assistant Dean, American Honors, Mercer County Community College, New Jersey

Why American Honors?
What Educators, Staff, and Students Say

Students, participating college faculty, and staff talk about their work and how American Honors is making a difference. To see what is happening currently with American Honors, visit us on Instagram and Facebook.

Candy McCorkle, PhD

Adjunct Administrator/Director of American Honors Program Jackson College, Michigan

“Through the American Honors network I have been able to reach out to other deans and learn from their experiences. This has allowed me to approach our honors program ‘our way.’ American Honors is a flexible, scalable approach that aligns well with our mission as a community college to serve all the students in our region. When I heard about American Honors I was skeptical, as were many of our faculty. They believed it sounded too good to be true. In academia, there is often an assumption that an honors course is simply more work instead of more depth and an opportunity to innovate. The honors program has allowed faculty to be more creative and innovative in how they engage and challenge students.”

Yaniel Sargeant

American Honors Advisor, Union County College, New Jersey

“The best part about being an advisor is supporting my students and seeing their growth. I enjoy rejoicing with students when they get great grades or an internship. I enjoy preparing them for that interview or helping them organize a class presentation, and I also enjoy the conversation I have with students when discussing a bad grade or a disappointing experience at home. All these experiences are important to their growth as a person and in navigating possibly similar situations in the future. Since some of my students are first-generation college students, they don't know how to navigate certain conversations or experiences, nor do they know who to ask for help for those things. That’s where I can help the most.”

Hannah Baptist

American Honors Alumni, Community Colleges of Spokane

“I didn’t want to be stuck struggling later on in medical school because I was unprepared for a rigorous academic environment. There is so much more to American Honors than classes. One of the things that I love most about AH is the fact that I am very close to my advisor and I know that she will give me sound advice. Our AH community really bonded—I’ve made friends for life.”

Before American Honors, I thought I could only afford in-state colleges. Now, I'm at Stanford with a full-ride scholarship, including room and board, books; everything I could have ever imagined! Liz, American Honors Alumni, Community Colleges of Spokane, transferred to Stanford

Bring American Honors to Your Campus

American Honors works with colleges to tailor honors programs to the college’s needs and strengths.

Existing Honors Programs

For colleges with existing honors programs American Honors can enhance your program and add resources. Read more about how Mercer County Community College introduced American Honors.

Developing Honors Programs

For colleges developing an honors program from the start, American Honors has established best practices in the field. Read more about how Jackson College created an honors program with American Honors.

I’m from China… as an international student, I know the difficulties and challenges of being in a foreign country. But in American Honors, you’re not alone. Wan Lin (Win), AH Student


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The most valuable piece of American Honors to me was the transfer advising. They pushed me, made sure I was doing the best that I could but also helped me capitalize on some of the opportunities I didn’t realize were available to me and made sure I took advantage of them. Robbie D., American Honors Alumni, Spokane Falls Community College, transferred to the University of Washington

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