In my job, I meet hundreds of students and parents every day while I go in and out of high schools, college fairs and community meetings. As such, I get asked questions about everything you can imagine. Here are 10 of the funniest questions I get asked (on a surprisingly regular basis!) 

1. "American Honors? Is that, like, America American or like, the Americas?"

It means American, like “the United States of,” but we do accept students from across the world. We want to give you a global education experience.

2. "This seems like a trick. Are you trying to trick us?"

No, no trick. It's just a really good idea.

3. "Do your partners know how much less your tuition is? And they still let you do this? It's so cheap in comparison!"

Our 4-year partners do know how much our tuition is. They are huge supporters of our program and want you to graduate with little to no student loan debt as well.

4. "Ok, this might seem like a weird question, but, is your last name really Hunger? I get your emails, and I thought it was fake."

Yes, Hunger as in the games.

5. "Are those pictures and stories really American Honors students? Or did you hire local models?"

These are all of our students. They are quite photogenic and articulate.

6. "Accredited is bad, right?"

No! Accredited is actually really good. That means that the college's credits can be transferred to other schools.

7. "Do you know what time this class ends? Or how I can get to the main office? I'm lost."

Sorry, I don't work here normally! I came in that door, but that's all I know.

8. "'Expand your dreams, not your debt.' Ok, I'll bite. What’s this gag?"

It’s no gag; it's our belief in excellent, affordable post-secondary education. With American Honors, you start in an honors program (like at Ivy Tech), and from there, you have access to our national network of transfer options along with anywhere else you want to go. We want to see you succeed without mortgaging your future!

9. "I brought you my transcript. As you can see, I have taken many honors courses. Yes, I am a sophomore. Isn't that what everyone does? Applies early?"

That's excellent. Very well prepared. But, yeah… I think sophomores normally wait for senior year to apply.

10. "So, this FAFSA thing...what does it stand for? Free Aid For Certain A -- I'm just going to stop there because certain starts with a c."

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It's a really important application through the government that provides you and schools with federal financial aid -- a lot of times, you get free money from it.

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Authored by Kate Hunger

Kate helps students find their best fit school. She writes about the essential, surprising, and sometimes funny questions everyone has while applying to college.