We help great students succeed.

What is American Honors?

We help great students succeed

American Honors is a groundbreaking new honors program offered at select community colleges across the country. While academic rigor is the hallmark of every honors program, we provide a level of support and community that’s hard to find. 

When you earn a degree from the American Honors program, you earn the distinction of graduating from one of the most prestigious community college honors programs in the country. More important, you’ll be able to take on life’s challenges with confidence and a fresh set of skills.

An affordable path to a four-year degree

Maybe you can’t afford the tuition at a four-year college right now, or your current situation limits your options. That doesn’t mean a four-year degree is beyond your reach. If your dream is to earn a bachelor’s degree at a local college, consider that a starting point. We want you to take a leap of faith and challenge yourself to take a risk. 

We’ll be there to encourage you to consider broadening your prospects, even if you ultimately decide a local college is the right choice. Our students have been accepted at Stanford, Cornell, Michigan and dozens of other top schools. Think that’s aiming too high? So did they, at first.



All About Our Program

We didn’t invent the concept. Many students use community college as a steppingstone to a four-year degree. But we invented a new model. An honors education that prepares students for the rigors of a four-year college. Dedicated advisors who help establish a transfer strategy from day one. An innovative learning platform designed to keep students on track. And a growing network of four-year colleges who actively recruit program graduates. 

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I am American Honors

Alumni, Community College of Philadelphia
Alumni, Community Colleges of Spokane
Alumni, Community Colleges of Spokane


We developed Quad with social interaction in mind.


As the hub of your American Honors experience, Quad enables you to work with your instructors, honors advisor, and peers in real time, on an ongoing basis. It’s the kind of connectivity and involvement you won’t find anywhere else –in the classroom or on another platform.

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