Weren’t things just easier junior year? With college application pressure looming, it certainly feels like it. If you’re facing down your final year of high school (along with a billion questions from your family about college), these 9 moments will be all too familiar.

1. When you can’t wait for vacation to start:


2. When school lets out:


3. When you think about making plans other than sitting on the couch:


4. When you’re trying to act polite while you’re listening to your relatives’ stories:


5. When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner:


6. When you eat too much and can’t move afterwards:


7. When you realize that there IS such thing as too much family time:


8. When you remember you have college apps:


9. When you realize you just gotta power through until winter break:


While you’re cooped up in the house over break, don’t forget why having college applications to write is literally the best thing ever. Or just keep on commiserating with these 10 College Application Moments Everyone Goes Through.

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Authored by Lizzy Kee

Lizzy's passion for education has taken her to exciting places across the world. She writes about the experiences high school students have while applying to college.