AH Program Location

Alumni from Community Colleges of Spokane (WA)

Transfer School

Western Washington University

Favorite Thing About AH

My time with American Honors meant, and continues to mean, the world to me. I found a family among the students and staff and they all helped me see that I have the potential to do anything I set my mind to. AH taught me how to push myself, how to set higher goals, and how to never sell myself short. Even now as an alumna, I still feel that family and that motivation with me as I continue finding my way in life.

A Bit About Libby

I was a part of the inaugural class of American Honors at CCS during my final year as a Running Start high school student from 2012 to 2013. I transferred from Spokane Community College to Western Washington University in Bellingham. I am a journalism major with a minor in creative writing and am scheduled to graduate in summer 2015.