A selective honors program offered at leading community colleges across the US for students committed to earning their bachelor’s degree.

Engaging Honors Academics

Quality, engaging Honors academics help students develop and practice skills necessary to succeed at their 4-year transfer school and build a foundation for career success.

Personalized Attention & Access

Small classes with less than 25 students taught by Honors faculty - not teaching assistants (TAs). Some classes are offered in virtual classrooms, where students from multiple campuses can join.

Meet the faculty.

Honors-Level Peers & Class Format

Take classes with like-minded peers who are ambitious, dedicated, and have long-term goals and diverse backgrounds. Seminar style classes have minimal lectures, so you can focus on developing critical thinking skills through discussion of exciting material.


Skills for Lifelong Success

Class time is used for debate, project work, and presentations. Students develop oral communication, critical thinking/analysis, and problem-solving skills. Students learn to work effectively in teams, with a focus on developing collaboration skills.

Honors-level Expectations

On average, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.25 to graduate with honors. Success in Honors courses is dependent on preparation and engagement with course materials before attending class. It is most important that students show improvement.

It is going to be a challenge, but I know that it’s very doable because I have the support that I need. Meghin Howard, AH Student

Transfer Support from Start to Finish

Starting from day one, students start thinking about the transfer process. Advisors help students develop a plan to research, select, and apply to their best-fit school.

Transfer Made Simple

The transfer process is broken down into a manageable step-by-step process.

  • Class and major selection designed for interest and ability to transfer
  • Advisors help students research, select, visit, and apply to 4-year schools
  • Have credits evaluated by the 4-year schools’ admissions offices and the academic departments at the community college
  • Admissions decisions and degree audit reports are tracked by the student and their advisor
  • Advisors work with students to fully evaluate their transfer schools acceptance offers

One-on-One Transfer Advising

Advisors guide students every step of the way through the transfer process

  • American Honors Transfer Handbook: a guide to the key aspects of the transfer process to focus on each term
  • Transfer Seminar: where students learn all the ins and outs of transfer
  • Advising support for every aspect of the transfer application

National Transfer Network

American Honors has agreements with 60+ top colleges & universities. See all the members of our transfer network.

  • All participants in the transfer network are interested in attracting American Honors students.
  • Network participants provide different benefits to students, depending on whether it is a Member or Affiliate institution.
  • Transfer schools can offer benefits such as fee waivers, guaranteed course transfer, or contingent acceptance, if certain criteria are met.

Transfer Outcomes

of eligible students applied to three of more 4-year institutions

of applicants were admitted to a 4-year institution

of applicants were admitted into their dream school

of applicants were admitted to a top 200 college or university


Based on June 2015 student transfer survey

My goals have not changed since joining, but my dreams have. I realize now how much more I want out of life and how hard I am going to have to work to get there. Misael Gudino Armenta, AH Student

Personalized Student Support

A student-first support model ensures students have the resources to take their own path to their bachelor’s degree -- and succeed every step of the way.


College 101

“College 101” prepares students for all the demands of college life and ensures students have a college success playbook

  • Orientation: where students get to know each other, explore campus, and get a jump start on freshman year
  • Honors seminar: designed exclusively for AH students to refine study, time management, and planning skills for honors-level success
  • Before classes even start, students can attend Math Prep Series to ensure college readiness

Dedicated, Personal Advisors

A dedicated advisor is assigned to each student to help students figure out their goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, stay on track with their plan, and hold them accountable for their success. Meet the Advisors.

  • Help students balance school, work, and life
  • Coach students through academic and personal challenges
  • Guide students through the transfer process from start to finish
  • Help students become self-advocates

Quad: a Productivity & Organization Tool

An online tool to help students manage every aspect of college life. Learn more about Quad.

  • Stay on track: plan out courses, follow assignment due dates, and track transfer application milestones
  • Collaboration: communicate with peers on team projects and hold team meetings through video conferences
  • Advisor Connection: schedule advising appointments, send updates to advisors, and keep all communication in one place

I’m from China… as an international student, I know the difficulties and challenges of being in a foreign country. But in American Honors, you’re not alone. Wan Lin (Win), AH Student


The foundation for relationships that last a lifetime -- a community of diverse individuals drawn together by a common ambition.

Ambitious, Diverse Peers

Like-minded peers encourage and support each other even after graduation

  • High-potential students with big dreams and diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • A diverse mix of recent high school graduates, adult-learners, and international students
  • “Front row” learners, eager to engage and share

Inclusive, Distinct Environment on Campus

A place to belong - an inclusive, distinct environment to meet new friends and make lasting professional relationships

  • Honors Lounge: designated space on campus for studying and socializing
  • Major community events recognize, honor, and celebrate student achievement
  • Student-led activities: game night, movie night, study groups, and volunteering

A Complete College Success Team

A team in the student’s corner - peer-cohorts, 2nd-year mentors, alumni, advisors, and faculty all focused on supporting success

  • Peer-cohorts and peer-learning groups help students navigate college together
  • Engaged alumni network across the US that students can reach out to for advice
  • Dedicated faculty teach Honors courses and make time outside the classroom for students

All of my hard work is focused towards my dream of becoming the CEO of a leading company. Though it seems so far in the distance, I am determined to do all I can to reach this goal. Carlos Garcia, AH Student

Leadership & Professional Development Opportunities

Students connect classroom learnings with real-life leadership in their roles as volunteers, interns, Honors council members, and peer mentors.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curriculars link classroom material with real-world activities to help students deepen understanding, practice leadership, and develop communication skills.

  • Student-run Honors council
  • Service-learning projects
  • Organized volunteer opportunities
  • Mentorship programs
  • Student ambassador program

Professional Development

Activities and workshops help students find, learn about, and try out careers they are passionate about.

  • Internship research, placement, and preparation
  • Resume and interview workshops
  • Seminars and panels to explore careers
  • Networking across the vast American Honors community

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