International students face extra hurdles to get a great education in the US. But it's definitely worth it!  The first step is to ask the right questions. That's the topic of this awesome guest post we wrote for the Language Company Blog.

A traditional four-year college education in the United States is expensive. In fact, it’s never been more expensive. With competition rising, it feels like it’s never been harder to get an American education. International students must carefully choose the path they’ll take to get their education.

This post will help you know what questions to ask before you pick a pathway program, and will explain the benefits of the more affordable “2+2” option.

Questions to Ask About Pathway Programs

Pathway programs are a bridge to American universities. In a pathway program, international students earn credit taking both regular academic courses and English as a second language classes at the same time. When being admitted directly to a four-year school isn’t an option, pathway programs allow international students to earn credits toward a degree right away.

If you’re considering a pathway program, make sure to answer these important questions first.

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Authored by Jared Meyer

Jared specializes in communication in higher education. He writes about getting into college and succeeding once you're there. He's the editor of the American Honors Blog.