Your honors advisor is invested in your success

If you’re like many of our students, you’ll be astonished at the level of personalized support our advisors provide.

At many schools, college advisors can’t connect with their students as often as they’d like to: Advisor to student ratios just don't allow for it. Our honors advisors see fewer students, so they have more time to truly get to know you.

From the day you enroll, your honors advisor will be your sounding board, mentor, friend and advocate, providing support and guidance to help you define your academic goals, explore transfer and career options and plan an academic pathway that maps directly to those goals. 

To fully understand their students’ needs, our honors advisors touch base with faculty to identify the need for additional guidance, academic support or skill training.


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Kudos from students

Without speaking to one of the students in our program, you won’t fully understand just how important our advisors are to the American Honors experience. But to give you an idea, here’s some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

“The amount of help and resources you get are incredible. There are tons of scholarships out there I didn’t know about, for example. The advisors, they usually respond within 5 or 15 minutes; there’s one-on-one counseling. I have confidence now that I didn’t have. My world is flipped 180 degrees.”
“My advisor pushed me beyond my comfort level to see what I could do – not where I felt safe.”
“The advising I have received so far has been great! It is achievable and believable.”
“I like how the advisors truly care about how you are doing and not just academic wise.”
“My advisor makes me feel as if she has personally invested in me.” 
“I received more and better counseling from my advisor by orientation than I had from my high school counselor in 4 years.”
“I adore all the American Honors advisors, they are very trustable and I feel as if they truly care about the students they are advising.”
“She’s incredible. The US school system is just different enough to trip me up. She was great at stepping me through it.”
“My advisor has been a great deal of help since school started this past month in identifying colleges that may give me the best aid and specialize in the fields I'm interested in.” 

American Honors is the only community college honors program that collaborates with both private and public institutions in a national network of four-year colleges and universities.

American Honors Advisor
American Honors Advisor, Community Colleges of Spokane
American Honors Advisor, Community Colleges of Spokane
American Honors Advisor, Ivy Tech Community College
American Honors Advisor, Ivy Tech Community College
American Honors Advisor, Jackson College
American Honors Advisor, Mercer County Community College
American Honors Advisor, Pierce College
American Honors Advisor, Pierce College