I once got so frustrated at a math test that I started crying in the middle of class. After that, I knew something important about myself (that turned out to be entirely wrong.)

Thinking about joining a college honors program? Make sure you know what you’re getting into before saying “yes.” Not all honors programs are created equal.

As a young parent returning to college, I never considered becoming involved on my campus outside of the classroom. But then I realized what a difference it could make.

College today is a heck of a lot different than the experience parents might have had. Registering in person? Handwritten papers? No GIF-laden study distractions?! Things sure were different.

When I started community college, I had a hard time making friends. But have no fear! Here’s what I learned about social success at college.

I knew the first class as a small family. We came to know each other’s hopes and dreams, our goals for the future. We were doctors, teachers, engineers in the making.

Ivy Tech provided the perfect venue for the President to speak about the role of education and how it impacts our economy. What Ivy Tech provided me, was the perfect venue to start my college career.

Few things feel better than hitting submit on your final application to college. By the end of January, a lot of students are sending in the last of their essays and transcripts and giving themselves a high-five. But they might be making a huge mistake.

Sometimes it feels like it’s never been harder to get an American education. Check out our guest post to find out the most important questions international students must ask as they plan their US education pathway.

Toby Marx, Professor of Psychology at Union County College, shares her love of learning and a favorite story of a student turned professor.